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Boudoir Photography New Orleans is a photo studio that specializes in intimate boudoir photoshoots for couples and individuals.

We have been a part of the New Orleans community for years, and our team is dedicated to helping you celebrate your body in a way that you can look back on for the rest of your life.

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“I was so happy with the way my photos turned out! They looked so good, and I looked just like a model in my photos! I have always been more self conscious about my body, but looking at my photos, I couldn’t believe how good I looked!”

Chelsea P.

“I wanted to surprise my husband for our tenth anniversary, so I thought this might be something kind of fun and different to do. My photographer was so nice, and she knew a lot about how I should pose and what I should wear to look the best. My husband was in love with the photos, and he was so surprised!”

Kayla w.

“I am pregnant with our first baby, so I thought it might be fun to do a maternity photoshoot. We all had so much fun! My husband was there too, and our photographer made sure that we felt comfortable and had a great time. The photos turned out so great, and they were so precious. I am so glad we decided to do a photoshoot like this.”

Bianca J.

Boudoir Photography New Orleans

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